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There are many channels to reach this greater self-knowledge. The analysis of dreams is the most common, but others may include expressing feelings in art pieces, poetry or other expressions of creativity. Jungian psychology has an honoring and sacred way of understanding human behavior that often lacks in more traditional forms of psychotherapy. Each individual’s life path carries meaning and opportunities for growth through greater understanding of life events.

The Wisdom of Dreams

Jungian psychology is a unique brand of depth psychology in that it explores areas of the human condition that are not a part of traditional forms of psychotherapy. Jungian psychology focuses on improved living through greater integration of an individual’s inner world contents and strives toward developing the “wholeness” of the personality.

Jungian psychotherapy is a way to experience and integrate the meaning of behaviors, symptoms and events. Serving all of Los Angeles, come to our conveniently located Pasadena or Long Beach area offices for a consultation and let’s explore what can be unearthed together.

Jungian Psychology

Jungian Psychtherapy

Jungian Dream Psychotherapist

Lori Tyler, Ph.D., M.O.B.

"Each individual’s path in life is littered with suffering in its different forms. I see my part in my client’s journey to aid him/her in developing a deeper understanding of this suffering and meaning to what may feel meaningless in the moment."

Lori Tyler, Ph.D., M.O.B.


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